Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Music Talent?! ...

Why is it these days certain or most so called "reality show" people or so called "famous" people think they can sing and really i am going straight to the point, 99.9per cent of them people can NOT sing at all. Most people who think they can "sing" these days can not sing at all like i said, music these day's is mostly auto-tuned to hell because they know these certain people can't sing. Most music these day's is just utter rubbish and most of the times i've noticed singers these day's cover alot of original songs from years ago. Nobody these day's writes and produces there own music either!!!
Auto-tune should be banned permanently i think and that's where you will see who's got true real talent and who aint!

I like music where you can hear and understand the lyrics / words the singer is singing about, that's why i listen to mostly singers and bands from year's ago that can actually sing and write their own music. That's what you call a real Artist with talent!.

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